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AOK Nordost: Health in the best hands


AOK Nordost is the largest health insurance company in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Meck­len­burg-Western Pomerania. It is counted among the top 10 of statutory health insurances.

As a reliable service provider, AOK Nordost always provides individualised and qualified advice: whether in person at one of its 112 local service centres or by phone through the com­­plimentary 24-hour hotline. Sub­scrib­­ers can count on the AOK medical appointment service to arrange prompt specialist appointments – without long waits.



The advanced health services of AOK Nordost provide subscribers with the best possible care and at­­ten­­d­­ance. AOK attaches great importance to optimal family and child care. Through the health care programme AOK Junior, for example, AOK covers the cost of additional preventive check-ups. Attractive complementary services and free health classes ex­­pand an already extensive offering by AOK Nordost.

At, AOK Nordost offers a comprehensive overview of its services along with self-help forums, provider searches as well as useful links and background information on numerous health topics.










AOK Nordost: prime address for know-how and service. AOK Nordost resulted from the merger of AOK Berlin-Brandenburg and AOK Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania at the turn of the year. With approximately 1.8 million subscribers, it belongs among the ten largest health insurance companies in the country. The objective of the new health insurance is to continue the pre-merger growth course, further develop the many health programmes, and thereby provide subscribers with numerous advantages. AOK Nordost is also a competent partner for companies and businesses: employers may obtain advice in house, directly from the AOK business customer service. Business health management, with which AOK Nordost promotes healthy working conditions in companies, plays an important role. Corporate clients appreciate the good service and professional support in the workplace – over the phone or on site. Whether enrolling new trainees, implementing health-promoting measures at work or continuing payment of wages in case of illness: each corporate client is guaranteed intensive and, above all, individualised support. At, corporate clients will learn everything about social se­­cu­­rity regulations and exclusive offers by AOK Nordost.





AOK Nordost
– Die Gesundheitskasse

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Behlertstraße 33 A
D-14467 Potsdam
Telefon +49 0800 2650800 *
Telefax +49 0800 2650900 *
* free of charge



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