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HypoVereinsbank Deeply rooted in the Munich region

HypoVereinsbank (HVB) is part of the UniCredit Group, one of the leading European banking groups. It is one of the largest financial institutions in Ger­­many and, more than any other German bank, combines deep roots in its home region with an extensive bank­­ing network in over 22 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Cen­­tral Asia. The UniCredit Group is present in ap­­proximately 50 countries worldwide. In Germany, Hypo­Ver­­eins­­bank serves about four million clients in all business segments of a full-ser­­vice bank. It is most strong­­ly represented in the market in Bavaria, the Saar/Palatinate region and in the north of Germany. The bank has a solid equity base and aims to play a leading part in Germany in terms of the following aspects, which are critical to future success: client satisfaction, service quality and profitability.

Construction of the LEGO Tower in 2009.

Sustainable management
In its business activities, HypoVereins­bank prioritizes sustainable creation of value over maximizing short-term profits. Its top position in the oekom sustainability ranking (first place in 2009) attests to the fact that operational sus­­tainability is an integral part of the cor­­porate strategy. Among other criteria, the rating included the consideration given to environmental risks in the bank’s lending policy and the range of ethical or ecological investment products offered.

Community involvement
As the entire UniCredit Group, HVB is a responsible corporate citizen. Even in difficult times, the Group engages in a variety of activities to promote the interests of the regions where it operates: We strive to strengthen the links with local communities by cooperating with universities, supporting young art­­ists or helping to preserve the cultural heritage of Europe. Sustainable business success would be impossible without that. Due to its regional roots, Hypo­Ver­­einsbank has always maintained particularly close links with the Munich re­­gion. The Kunsthalle, funded by the Hypo-Cultural Foundation, is one of Mu­­­nich's most popular art galleries.

Each year, the bank presents highlights of opera music at the UniCredit Festival Night. The bank’s involvement in integrative projects like the street football tournament “buntkicktgut-open 2009” or the construction of the LEGO Tower in 2009 underlines its commitment to encourage young people’s development. To celebrate the 850th anniversary of the city in 2008, the HBV for the first time issued EC cards featuring pictures of Munich, an idea that has since been picked up by many other cities.





Dr. Theodor Weimer

Chairman of Supervisory Board:
Sergio Ermotti
Year of foundation:
Founded in 1998 following the merger
of Bayerische Vereinsbank (established
in 1869) and Bayerische Hypotheken-
und Wechsel-Bank (established in 1835). Member of the UniCredit Group since 2005.

20,000 (as of 30 September 2009)

Business activity:
Universal bank with all segments

Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1
D-80333 München
Telefon +49 (0) 89 378-0


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