AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse in Hessen

Basler Straße 2
D-61352 Bad Homburg
Telefon +49 (0) 180 1188111
­­Telefax +49 (0) 6172 272-139

A powerful insurer ... creating paths to health

1.5 million persons insured, 3,900 em­­ployees, a budget of 4.6 billion euros in total: AOK is one of the biggest Hessian companies and at the same time num­ber one in the local health insurance market. No other player shapes the Hes­sian health sector like the AOK does. It cooperates with 175 hospitals, has contracts with almost 12,800 physicians and dentists and more than 1,600 pharmacies. Contracts with health service partners exclusively focus on quality and efficiency of the services and treatments rendered. This ensures that clients will get exactly the type of service they re­­quire – unbureaucratically and fast.


The AOK Hessen was the first statutory health insurance company to introduce an optional tariff combined with an amount retained, which enables the in­­sured to save up to 600 euros per year. By introducing the new tariff concept “AOK aktiv + vital”, a unique treatment programme has been made available for patients who are prone to diabetes; they can now be cared for in a much more professional way. The goal is to avoid as many new cases of diabetes as possible. This is core prevention and only one ex­­ample among many others. The AOK is constantly extending its range of products and services and in doing so, boldly breaks new and innovative ground.


Your health: safe in our hands – Various awards for quality of service and customer orientation
Those insured with AOK Hessen must have known it all along, now there is confirmation by the independent consumer agency “Stiftung Warentest”: The service of the AOK Hessen is excellent. In the nation-wide ranking of German health insurers by “FINANZtest” magazine, the AOK Hessen came in second place and was ranked “good”. In the state of Hessen, AOK is the front-runner among other statutory health insurers. Most competitors cannot even keep up half-way with the range of consulting services, the AOK Hessen provides. Another special benefit: Clients of the AOK Hessen do not need to cover long distances. With 54 service centres, three state-of-the-art call-centers and plenty of internet services, the supply of counselling und support is extensive. The AOK Hessen is always within reach, also for our corporate clients. More than 100 corporate client consultants and key account managers are available on-site for individual consultation and issues concerning premiums and insurance regulations.


The AOK Hessen is not only a financially strong insurer – it also serves as an employer and a company providing professional in-house training and educ­a­tion. Each year a group of apprentices starts their courses of studies, aiming to reach a certificate in business administration in conjunction with the “AOK Be­­triebswirt”, an officially recognized bachelor degree by the University of Applied Sciences in the city of Gießen. With its innovative concept of “diversity management”, the AOK Hessen intentionally promotes the individual skills and requirements of its employees.


[Translate to English:] Die AOK Hessen ist nicht nur ein fi­­nanz­­starker Versicherer – sie ist auch Ar­­beit­geber und Ausbildungsunter­neh­men. Jedes Jahr startet ein neuer Aus­bil­­dungs­­­jahrgang zum/zur Sozial­ver­­sicherungs­fachangestellten. Da­­ne­ben be­­­­stehen Fort- und Weiter­bil­dungs­mög­­lichkeiten etwa durch den internen Stu­­diengang „AOK-Betriebs­wirt/in“, ver­bun­­den mit einem anerkannten Bachelor-­Abschluss der FH Gießen. Mit ihrem Diversity-Manage­ment fördert die AOK Hessen bewusst die vielfältigen Fähig­keiten ihrer Mitar­beiterinnen und Mit­arbeiter.




AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse in Hessen

Administrative Council:
Dr. Werner Scherer, Herbert Schneider
(Alternating Chairmen of the Administrative Council)

Executive Board:
Fritz Müller
(Chairman of the Executive Board)

Dieter Bock
(Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board)


Insured and corporate customers:
around 1.5 million insured and
around 90,000 corporate customers

4.6 billion euros

Basler Straße 2
D-61352 Bad Homburg
Telefon +49 (0) 180 1188111
­­Telefax +49 (0) 6172 272-139
E-Mail service(at)


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