Flensburger Sparkasse

Südergraben 8–14
D-24937 Flensburg
Telefon +49 (461) 1500-0
Telefax +49 (461) 1500-129
E-Mail info@flensburger-sparkasse.de
Internet www.flensburger-sparkasse.de

The Flensburger Sparkasse – good for Flensburg

Tradition and Innovation

The Flensburger Sparkasse has been Flensburg’s leading financial institution since 1819. It often offers its customers conditions similar to those of an online bank but with the addition of competent advice on all modern financial services, fast decisions and personal, on-the-spot service.

Emphasis on Customer-Orientation

The emphasis of the Flensburger Sparkasse on customer orientation is unique when compared to other banks in Flensburg. We have nine branches in the Flensburg urban area, 16 self-service branches and we provide financial market services at Am Holm 22–24. 411 pleasant and well-trained employees make great efforts to look after our customers. The branches are open till 5.30 pm and in the central city area until 6.00 pm and on Saturday mornings.

Community Involvement


The Flensburg Sparkasse sees its task as being a strong regional partner. This link to the region is especially apparent in its support for projects that promote the region’s attractiveness and quality of life. For example, we support the Museumsberg, the “Phänomenta” Science-Centre, the SG Flensburg Handewitt handball team, the saloon steamship “Alexandra” and well-known major maritime events.




Flensburger Sparkasse

Executive Board:
Frerich Eilts
Frank Kepp

Chairman of the Administrative Board:
Klaus Tscheuschner

Year of Foundation:


Balance Sheet 2005:
2.7 Mrd. Euro

Annual surplus 2005:
3,1 Mio. Euro

Südergraben 8–14
D-24937 Flensburg
Telefon +49 (461) 1500-0
Telefax +49 (461) 1500-129
E-Mail info(at)flensburger-sparkasse.de
Internet www.flensburger-sparkasse.de


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