TRAINICO Training u. Ausbildung Cooperation GmbH

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
D-12521 Berlin
Telefon +49 (30) 88 75 50 50
Telefax +49 (30) 88 75 50 51

For a global world of partnership

All processes in life take place in a dynamically changing environment. As a result of this dynamics, the aviation industry shows a continuous growth. The integration of global actions such as a close network of aviation companies and innovation is necessary for the solution of major issues. Company structures need to be highly efficient and flexible. Thus there is demand for highly qualified and well-trained professional staff.


Trainico is ready to meet these requirements.

Since 1993 Trainico has been qualifying staff for the aviation industry. A maximum practical orientation of the training concepts is reached through a continuous customisation of the training modules. The ongoing strengthening of the material-technical basis guarantees that our courses are up-to-date and meet the requirements of the industry. This fact is appreciated by all our clients and reflected in the high placement rate of our trainees.

Trainico places its services at the disposal of all companies in the aviation industry as a competent partner in the implementation of future development processes.

We look forward to working with you to help shape the future.

Training u. Ausbildung Cooperation GmbH

Corporate Member:
Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH is the sole shareholder of TRAINICO since 24.04.2007. The notarial deed regarding the sale of the shareholding of Berlin’s Airports was certified in our offices.

Capital: TEUR 72

Development of turnover in €:
1994 120.000
1999 1,3 Mio
2003 4,6 Mio
2004 5,4 Mio
2005 5,0 Mio
2006 6,2 Mio

Year of Foundation: 1993

Employees: 74

Honorary trainers: 150

Trainees: 5

25 Schulungsräume (davon 3-PC-Räume)

Available space: 5.995 m²

1 Mock Up (Airbus A320-Teilkabine)
2 Lehrwerkstätten mit 79 Werkbänken
1 Elektroniklabor
4 Triebwerke
1 Hubschrauberturbine
1 Hubschrauber Triebwerk TW2-117 A
1 APU (Hilfsenergieturbine)
1 Tragfläche A300
1 Rumpfschale A320
7 Rumpfsegmente A300
1 Bremsanlage Boing 737 NG
1 Piper Colt (PA 22)
1 Maschinenkabinett

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
D-12521 Berlin
Telefon +49 (30) 88 75 50 50
Telefax +49 (30) 88 75 50 51
E-Mail: training(at)


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