Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG

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BA-CA –clearly the Number 1

Der ideale Wegbegleiter für alle Unternehmen, die in Österreich oder in Zentral- und Osteuropa aktiv werden wollen.



The dynamic countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are pressing ahead relative to the “old” Europe especially in economic terms. Many companies start from Austria when expanding their business to the CEE market. Vienna is rightly regarded as a hub to the East. Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) is the undisputed market leader in the Austrian banking business and provides access to the Austrian market for its international clients.



Since November 2005 BA-CA has been a member of UniCredit Group, a banking group with unprecedented European dimensions. Within UniCredit Group BA-CA is responsible for the markets in CEE and has gradually expanded its presence to a leading position in this region. With a branch network of 3,100 offices in 17 countries, more than 65,000 employees and about 24 million customers, the group is the undisputed Number 1 in this region. No other bank can offer its customers such a comprehensive network in the heart of Europe.

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Tel. 0043 (0) 50505 – 42777



Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG

Dr. Erich Hampel,
Member of the Management Committee of UniCredit Group

Year of Foundation: 1855

9,500 in Austria
65,000 employees throughout CEE
within the UniCredit Group

Business Activity:
Financial services provider, full service bank (retail banking, private banking, corporate banking, investment banking, and asset management)

Schottengasse 6
A-1010 Wien
Telefon +43 (0) 50505-42777
Telefax +43 (0) 50505-49913
Email info(at)



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